Nonprofits on Social Media: How to Turn Followers Into Donors

The power of social media can be hard to put into words, yet it’s a crucial part of a fundraising strategy for a modern nonprofit. A successful social media presence can not only help you expand your reach and foster your community of supporters—it even has direct correlations with fundraising dollars.

In fact, according to Classy’s special report, Why America Gives, consumers are more likely to be motivated to donate to a nonprofit by a social media influencer than a professional athlete, hollywood celebrity, local politician or national politician.

Which is all great news, but the million-dollar question is: how do you get people to actually donate?

When it comes to long-term strategy, what’s helpful to remember is that there are typically several steps between acquiring social media followers and turning them into financial supporters. Below are a few tactics that will help you cross this bridge and turn social media followers into donors. Before we dive into those tips, let’s cover the basics. Best Practices for Nonprofits on Social Media

A little bit of research will go a long way when it comes to effectively connecting with your followers. In addition to reading up on best practices for posting, check out the demographics and habits of each platform’s users.

To get you started, check out Classy’s Big Social Media Guide for Nonprofits and a few of our favorite resources:

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Once your team has a good grasp on the best practices for each platform then you’re ready to start planning out your nonprofit social media strategy.

  1. Post a Variety of Engaging Content

A key part of any successful social media strategy is a mix of engaging posts and conversation starters, not a stream of donation appeals. In fact, when it comes to social media, millennials’ top pet peeves are coming across the same content constantly (69 percent) and getting hit with asks over and over again (69 percent).

While there’s a place for appeals in your strategy, foster your followers’ connection to your organization by prioritizing storytelling and educational opportunities in your various content pieces. Focus on the following types of posts: Supporter Recognition

Dedicate a major chunk of your social media strategy to recognizing donors, fundraisers, and volunteers. This can look like tagging them and thanking them directly for their gift, or you might retweet fundraisers’ posts that promote their personal fundraising pages.

nonprofit on social media tweet

Another good idea is to craft a post-donation social message for donors to use right after they make a gift. You can do craft one for an individual donation and one to spotlight and recruit monthly donors. Impact Highlights

Showcase your organization’s work through videos, infographics, impact stories, testimonials, and blog posts. Include a link back to your website to drive that next touch point.

Check out how BlinkNow spotlighted one individual’s story to grip heartstrings and show the long-lasting impact of a donation.

In the example below, the Charity:Water team takes a simple anniversary announcement post and turns it into an engaging post and contest. By sharing the number of members, this post not only engages followers, but it was a great way to motivate prospective donors to join the hundreds of others who already made a gift.

Tomorrow is the 2nd anniversary of our monthly giving program, The Spring! Hit reply to guess the number of people this community has served with clean water. Closest guess gets a galley copy of @scottharrison‘s #ThirstBook. Answer and winner will be announced tomorrow evening!

— charity: water (@charitywater) August 27, 2018

Cause Awareness

Beyond your organization’s own impact and focus, offer valuable information related to the wider issue you address and what’s going on in the space. Share timely and relevant content from other thought leaders, news and media outlets, or organizations to elevate a broader discussion about the social problem.

Here, LoveYourBrain, an organization that supports brain injury recovery and raises awareness about brain health, shares an article relevant to their cause.

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