WordPress Care & Maintenance

Find Your Managed WordPress Hosting Plan Whether you’re a small business with a single website or a large organization with multiple domains, we have a plan that’s right for you. Choose the managed WordPress hosting plan that fits your needs, from SPF 50 to Infinity, we have the plan to keep your WordPress site shining day and night!

WordPress like it should be. We’re so sure you’ll love our managed WordPress hosting plans that we'll host your site. You can compare our performance to your current host. And if you don’t love us, we'll move your your site back, FREE!

Turn-key WordPress hosting plans that work hard for your business. Rock Solid


This is enterprise hosting at its best. Featuring blazing fast hardware, hardened security, automated backups and a global CDN!

Round-the-Clock Management.

Every day our WordPress experts monitor, secure, backup, and do all the mundane techy stuff needed to keep your site rockin'!

All-Inclusive Maintenance.

Sit back and relax while our expert team updates your WordPress core, plugins and theme every single week—no sweat!

Expert, Friendly Support.

Our entire team is made up of WordPress experts that love to help customers get the most out of their site. No issue is too small or large. We LOVE to help!


After signup we will migrate a copy of your site seamlessly to our platform. Then we'll add SSL encryption for better security and higher search engine ranking. 30/60 Day

Saving you time:

Let our experts take care of your WordPress maintenance so you can focus your time where it counts... On your business. You'll never have to spend your precious time:

  • Remembering how to make website edits
  • Figuring out how to fix a crashed site
  • Figuring out how to fix a hacked site
  • Figuring out what to do because you didn't backup your site
  • Wondering if your dev guy will call you back

Saving you money:

Letting our experts provide your business with WordPress management services is a no brainer because we include the following for FREE on all of our plans:

  • Hosting on WPEngine ( $360/yr. value)
  • SSL Certificate ($80/yr value & an SEO Requirement)
  • Content Delivery Network ($300/yr value - Speed is key!)
  • Security & Performance Plugins ($600/yr value)
  • WordPress Content Performance Analytics ($2,988/yr value)

Unyielding Security

Database protection, real-time monitoring, IP lockouts and file scans are just a few ways we secure your website. Website Edits

Need a logo changed out? Or maybe something added to a page or post? We can take care of it for you, lickety split. Speed Optimization

Minification, render-blocking deferrals, compression – we’ll take care of making your site fast. Weekly Updates

Plugins and Themes that aren’t updated regularly are security threats. We’ll remove that hurdle by updating them weekly.


Our security is top-notch, but if your site is ever hacked, we’ll de-hackify it at no extra cost, because it’s included! Monthly Reports

All the activity performed on your site, including things like analytics, security scans, performance scans and more.

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